About us

The synergy of experienced developers and event experts who have been working in the event industry for years has provided creation of a mobile application that becomes an indispensable solution and an integral part of every event.

Relying on our experience, we have created a mobile application that is adaptable to every event and in which every detail is carefully developed. Uncertainty and daily changes have directed us to create an application that can support customer needs while being adaptable to any budget.

We have created a personalized and interactive mobile application that can be applied for all kind of events - promotions, education, conferences, exhibitions, corporate, virtual or hybrid events. It is user friendly (easy to use), up to date with info, time and cost efficient (minimize organization resources), enables access control and improves virtual interaction among participants, efficiently promotes partners and exhibitors.

...and last but not least, we are not selling our product, we are delivering an experience.